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Vision & Policies

A Vision for Quality Education

A Vision for Every Student

As a strong candidate for Natomas School Board, Amir brings a fresh perspective and a deep commitment to ensuring quality education for every student in our community.

We can use our strength as one of the most diverse school districts in the state and provide a world-class education to prepare our students for the global economy.

Amir’s Key Policies

Transforming Education in Natomas: Our Focused Initiatives

Equity in Education

Every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves access to an excellent education. I will work with teachers and parents to promote equity in education by:

  • Closing the achievement gap.
    I understand the importance of addressing disparities in academic performance among students. I will advocate for targeted interventions and resources to help struggling students, ensuring they have the support they need to succeed. This includes addressing post-pandemic learning gaps.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities.
    I will fight to eliminate systemic barriers that prevent equal access to quality education. We must ensure that all students have the same opportunities for success, regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, or special needs.

Enhancing Educational Resources

I am committed to ensuring that our schools have the necessary resources to provide a top-notch education. I will focus on:

  • Investing in technology.
    Students and teachers need access to modern technology tools and resources to produce success in the classroom. I will ensure that our schools are equipped to prepare our students for the challenges of the future and prepare our students to be the developers of technology in the future.
  • Supporting educators.
    Teachers play a vital role in shaping the lives of students. I will work to attract and retain highly qualified educators by advocating for competitive salaries, professional development opportunities, and supportive work environments.

Family and Community Engagement

Strong partnerships between schools, families, and the community are crucial for student success. I will focus on:

  • Enhancing communication.
    I will establish open and transparent lines of communication between schools, families, and educators. I will actively seek input, feedback, and collaboration to ensure that the needs and concerns of all stakeholders are heard and addressed.
  • Encouraging family involvement.
    I believe that engaged family members are instrumental in supporting student achievement. I will work to provide resources and platforms for family members to actively participate in their child’s education, whether through volunteer programs, parent-teacher associations, or workshops on educational topics.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

I am committed to responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars and ensuring accountability in the management of educational funds. I will:

  • Ensure efficient resource allocation.
    I will work diligently to ensure that funds are allocated efficiently, with a focus on prioritizing classroom resources and student needs. I will advocate for strategic budgeting that maximizes the impact on student well-being and learning outcomes.
  • Promote oversight and accountability.
    I understand the importance of oversight and accountability mechanisms to maintain public trust. I will collaborate with the board and administration to establish robust systems that promote transparency and prevent mismanagement of funds.

Natomas Trustee Area 4

Located in the heart of Sacramento, Natomas Area 4 is a vibrant and diverse community committed to quality education.

Schools in Trustee Area 4:

  • Heron School
  • Westlake Charter School K-8
  • H. Allen Hight Elementary
  • Natomas Middle School

At a Glance:

  • Total Population (2020 Census): 16,828
  • Variance: -3.2%
  • Population Age 18 and over (2020 Census): 12,363
  • Citizen Voting  Age Population (2015 – 2019 Estimate): 10,163